About me.

Hi – I’m Matt. I’m a digital marketer who has been living and working in Boston for 15 years. I’ve worked at a social media agency, content marketing agency, start ups, and for the largest travel brand in the world.


In my spare time I’m a huge sports fan, love reading and try my hand at cooking new things though success has been very limited thus far.


I strive to provide world-class freelance marketing services and I do, truly, give a damn about the success of our partnership and of your company. If you’d like, please click the button below to reach out and schedule a free consultation for your business.

What I do

I love to help small and medium sized businesses strategize and execute online marketing plans that generate revenue and piss off their competitors. I’m good at it. I become a part of your team, not just another freelancer or agency who could not care less if they did a poor job. That’s my promise – it will be a “we” and “our” relationship from Day 1.

My background

I have experience working with both large and small brands – I’ve worked with an earthquake insurance salesman in California, a law firm in Colorado, as well as Fortune 500 brands like Marriott International, Bing, TripAdvisor, American Express, Bank of America and more.